Natural Smoothies


Pina Smoothies

There is nothing like having tasty smoothies in the middle of a hot day or after an intense workout. At Pina Smoothies, our juice bar offers various healthy and all-natural smoothies for you to enjoy. Our beverages cater to all your nutritional needs, specifically rejuvenation, detoxification, cleansing, and nutrition. For more information on our selections of fresh juice and other beverages, please contact Pina Smoothies today!

Make your own smoothies

20oz- $6 / 24oz- $7 / 32oz $8

Classic Smoothies

20oz- $5 / 24oz- $6 / 32oz $7

LaLaStrawberry + banana PapparyStrawberry +pineapple Ali- jooni Strawberry + kiwi ILIA JONstrawberry+ pomegranate Go-GoMango Cantaloupe

Add Ons

Add Boba = $0.50

PORTEIN - add to juice/ smoothies WHEY Protein/ organic protein =$1.50


COLLAGEN Portion = $3.00