Fresh Juice


Pina Smoothies

At Pina Smoothies, we offer a healthy and all-natural selection of fresh juices. Whatever fruits you would like to have in your beverage, we have something for everyone. All of our drinks are made to order. You can taste the quality of our drinks with every sip. We are dedicated to providing you the best-tasting beverages at an affordable price. For more information on our selection of healthy smoothies and acai bowls, please contact Pina Smoothies today!

Fresh juices

20oz- $6 / 24oz- $7 / 32oz $8

Orange juice Carrot juice Orange +Carrot Carrot + celery + beet Green juice Cucumber, celery, spinach, kale

Add Ons

Add Boba = $0.50

PORTEIN - add to juice/ smoothies WHEY Protein/ organic protein =$1.50


COLLAGEN Portion = $3.00