Acai Bowls


Pina Smoothies

At Pina Smoothies, we serve delicious and healthy acai bowls. We want everyone to enjoy our delicious acai bowls, so we carry a wide variety of fresh fruits to decadent chocolates. We can also add protein or collagen to your acai bowl, to give your body a super meal. Treat yourself to one of our acai bowls or fruit salads. No matter what you order, you will surely love it! For more information on our juice bar menu items, please contact Pina Smoothies today!

Açaí Bowl

24 oz - $9.00

Açaí bowl•Pitaya bowl•Mango bowl or mix with Granola Topping: banana( fresh) strawberry ( fresh)blueberry(fresh) , peanut butter, Walnut, Almond , honey, coconut

Fruit Salad =$7.00

Add Ons

Add Boba = $0.50

PORTEIN - add to juice/ smoothies WHEY Protein/ organic protein =$1.50


COLLAGEN Portion = $3.00